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Recordings by Carbon 7

All the MP3 files below are freely downloadable. If you find that these recordings have value, please help defray the cost of recording and hosting.
Any amount appreciated!

Some of our music is also now available via
if Paypal isn't your thing, or you want other formats, like FLAC and lossless.

The recording sessions are in reverse chronological order, with the newest at the top &the oldest at the bottom for quick & easy access to the latest additions to the site. There is sone cover art on the archive page

Our most Recent Release:

9-5-19 & 9-6-19

The Man Who Saw
Anything At All

1. Track Zero
2. Officer? I'm In A Band!
3. Notes From Inside The Duffel Bag
4. The Man Who Knew Too Little
5. The Unknown Unknowns
6. The Day Of The Wren
7. Jazz Punk
8. Covered In Spiders
9. The Banshee Queen (Return of the Jazz Punk)



1. A Sraight Line Through Curved Space
2. Dark Matter Sun
3. A Relection Nullifies the Shadow
4. Figment of Reality
5. Invisible Light
6. Glacial Erratic
7. The Polar Ice Wall



1. Three Way Mirror
2. Metarealm
3. You Got a Particle In My Waveform
4.There is No Darkness- Only an Absence of Light
The Plangent Tintinnabulation of Klaxons Athwart the Unyielding Edifice Of Time
a. Smash The Erroneous Divide between the Universal Spirit & the Self
b. Believe What You Want, The Truth Doesn't Care
c. Beyond Violet
d. The End (The Next Beginning)


The Autumn Men Empire

1. Florida Lee
2. Rube Rick
3. Sofa Cleese
4. Home Eric
5. Mark Surrealius


Operation Fishbowl.

1. Fake Space
2. Dance Like Everyon's Watching
3. Land Of A 1000 Names
4. Mastered For Cellphone
5. The Penultimate Panopticon Parts 1 And 0
6. Wires Across The Firmament



Another of the "lost" recordings.

1. There Goes The Sun
2. Stumbling Towards Dawn
3. Sunrise A
4. The Elevator Clown
5. Paging Sol Invictus To The White Courtesy Telegraph
6. A Summoning
7. Disengloamination


A Strange Time To Change The Names

Another of the "lost" recordings.

1. Protect The Innocent
2. The Lense of Identity
3. The Nameless One
4. Citizen Number Seven


Panning For Stars

Been busy finishing up some "lost" recordings.

1. Astrophotographer
2. Perihelion
3. Coma
4. I Got Aphelion
5. Oort Cloud Rain


A Conversation At Trailer Space

Recorded at Trailer Space Records on Rosewood Ave.
Guest Fred Mitchim, guitar, flute & vocals on this session.

1. Opening Statement
2. The Visitor Explains
3. Mondo Clock Reset
4. A Final Word From Our Sponsor



Guest Fred Mitchim, guitar, flute & vocals on this session.

1. The Fourth State of Matter
2. The Visitor Begins
3. In A Soylent Way
4. The Full 1926 Schrödinger Equation
5. Particle Deceleration


The End Of Music

This was a partially-botched recording (drum overhead mic cable failed) which I salvaged using bits from my iPhone which had a Sony stereo condenser mic attached to it & by "repurposing" the floor tom track.

1. The Beginning of the End of Music
2. The End of Music in 3 Movements


The Unbundling

1. Shadow Chamber
2. Jazz Oddity Two: Eclectric Boogaloo
3. The Anu
4. Nocturnal Transmission
5. Sergrant Shear's Dark Matter Orchestra

6. Sea of Glass
7. The Third Eye is Winking


One Fish Was the First Fish
to Walk on Land

1. Tiktaalik
2. Legitimate Imposter
3. Urvogel Occults the Flying Fish Moon
4. Coelacanthripus Erectus
6. IRAS 16293-2422


Strange Noises in the Dark: The Winter Solstice Show

1. Ouroboros
2. Synchronization Beam
3. The Small Place in the Heart

4. Clock of the Long Now

5. Moon of the Popping Trees
6. Yoaltecuhtli-Lord of the Night


Long Count

1. Begending
2. 14 Baktun
3. Cloud Ships
4. Moldron
5. Mind Field
6. Moebius Syndrome
7. Goodbye to a Millenium


The Seven Fingered Hand

1. Off Leash
2. Chasm
3. Spasmodic Discordia
4. Commercially Viable
5. Go Hello


From The Carousel Lounge

1. A Dance With Creation And Destruction
2. Sol 2
3. Morphogenetic Blues
4. The Mountain Comes to Allah
5. Distant Transmissions
6. Another Seven Minutes
7. Bogus Austin Encore


A Walk In The Quark

1. The Egg That Never Was
2. System Overload
3. Three Days of Darkness
4. Holy Roach Speaks of Zion
5. Hollow Saturn
7. Approach of the Jellyfish
a. Swirling Colors
b. A Painful Sting
c. Healing Waters



1. The Singularity
2. Yesterday's Karma Perpetuates
3. Quantum Discontinuity

4. Somewhat Untitled
5. One More Than Infinity

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.