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Carbon 7 is three musicians collaborating to produce cooperative music in real time. Carbon 7 is two more than Maroon 5. Carbon 7 is a transitory element, a molecule of change, a signifier of the ever constant evolution of the cosmos from then to now and beyond. Carbon 7 is a spectral construct, concocted spontaneously in our fevered imaginations, and set down here as a marker in time, a salute to the infinite, an auditory marker of our blinking nodes of existence, flashing against the pale darkness of our momentary physical substance, and flickering out against the backdrop of eternity.

Carbon 7's members all reside in Austin, Texas, and have played music together or separately since 1978 or so, in various different ventures and permutations. The recordings on the site are all live from Dennis' house, near Dessau road, recorded in either 4 or 8 tracks, and mixed at home on an old G5 by Chris. We occasionally discuss a key or a tempo, but the material is otherwise unscripted, unrehearsed, and devoid of all expectation as to its content when playing commences. We're as surprised by the outcome as anybody.

We occasionally perform publicly in the hopes that our spontaneous live shows will free us from the encumbrance of simulating a recording in the live setting, free the audience from expectations based on a recording and allow for a singular, irrepeatable experience for both us and the audience. The ephemeral event will exist only in the time & place of its making, and live only in that moment. Without expectations, there is no right or wrong -- there is merely the cooperative endeavor to create the art as it wishes to exist. Whether that is harmonious or discordant, rhythmic or cacophonous, are unknown, but it is known that each moment will be different from the last.